TRUE Spirit 90M

Powerful cooling capacity multiple heatpipe cooler,with low profile size for added compatibility.

Support 775/1150/1151/1155/1156/1366/2011/2011-3 & AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM+/FM2+ processors.

Proprietary bent winglet design to minimize airflow resistance.

Utilizes three high quality 6mm heatpipes, Strategically positioned to pick up the heat from the CPU.

Stack of 45 pieces of aluminum fins, can be covered entirely by a 92mm fan to absorb all in-coming air flow.

Include PWM controlled 92*25mm Fan.

Light weight and easy installation.




Heatsink Specifications:

Dimension: L102 mm x W55 mm x H125 mm

Weight: 285g

Heat pipes: 6mm heatpipe x 3 units

Fin: T = 0.3 mm ; Gap = 1.6 mm

Fin Pcs: 43 pcs

Copper Base: C1100 Pure copper nickel plated

Motherboard to Fin: 30 + 8 = 38 mm

TR-9225 BWFAN Spec

Dimension: L92 mm x W92 mm x H25 mm

Weight: 102g

Rated Speed: 600 – 2000 RPM

Noise Level: 28.9dBA

Air Flow: 44.0 CFM

Connector: 4 Pin (PWM Fan connector)

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