Japanese imported Fluid Dynamic Bearing Technology to reduced noise and vibration. Work best with Thermalright’s heatsinks for that perfect balance of performance and silence .

60,000 hours under normal room temperature. Longer life expectancy than other leading brands .

High rate of Air Flow even under low RPM .

7V of power usage; can be adjusted via fan control device .

Four speed variation to choose from (800 RPM ,1,000 RPM , 1,300 RPM , 1,600 RPM, and 2,000 RPM) .

All Thermalright FDB fans are under 3 year warranty .



Dimension : 120*120*25mm

Bearing Type : FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing)

Rated Voltage : 12.0 VDC

Operating Voltage Range: 10.8~13.2 VDC

Rated Current: 0.130 Amp +10% MAX /0.11AMP

Rated Power: 1.56 watt

Rated Speed: 800 RPM ± 10%

Airflow: 30.5 CFM

Noise Level: 13.1 dB/A

Net weight: 156 GRAMS

Connector: 3 pin

Support all Thermalright’s 120mm Heatsink

Q: What are the main differences between Thermalright’s fans and others?

A: Comparing to other traditional fans, Thermalright FDB fans have the following featured advantages:

‧ Dynamic pressure built-up centering the shaft

– lubricating oil pressure gained by the shaft rotation

‧ No metal surface contact

– lubricating oil between shaft and bearing

– no metal-to-metal contact

– lower noise

– longer operating life

‧ Capillary seal structure

– Lubricating oil leakage protection

– Reliable even at higher temperature condition

– Complete seal, not affected by mechanical position change

– Less than 1% oil evaporation under 60oC, 30,000 hrs of aging test