[:en]Thermalright’s New Macho Direct HDT Cooler[:tw]Thermalright’s 新推出 Macho Direct HDT 散熱器[:cn]Thermalright’s 新推出 Macho Direct HDT 散热器


Thermalright’s New Macho Direct HDT Cooler

Continuing on with the HR series of coolers that started way back in 2005 and has evolved into the Macho coolers, Thermalright now adds the Macho Direct HDT (Direct Heatpipe Direct Touch) CPU-Cooler. With the Macho Direct we have taken the well-known HR-02 / Macho design to a new level, giving price conscious users great cooling on a budget. This silence optimized cooler using the TY-140 Black fan (from the TY-140 series of time proven fans) offers exceptional cooling performance at an attractive price.

The original concepts of the Macho have been maintained. The heat sink is aligned to the rear of the PC case to ensure that even ram modules with high-rising heat spreaders will fit. The aluminum cooling fins use our proven design to counteract air accumulation between the cooling fins.

The Macho Direct makes use of the Heatpipe Direct Touch principle. Five high-performance 6 mm heatpipes provide efficient dissipation of processor heat. The bottoms of the heatpipes use our proven convex form. The patented convex shape of the heatpipe contact surface combined with the heatpipes setting slightly below the cooler base gives the Macho Direct outstanding cooling performance.

The HDT heatpipes setting lower means the Macho Direct is 4 mm shorter in height than other Machos. This allows it to fit into cases where the “normal” Macho is too tall.

The proven design of Macho aluminum fins allows very low airflow resistance. The additional perforation of the cooling fins helps eliminate heat buildup between the individual fins increasing efficiency and reducing temperatures.

The included TY-140 Black (PWM) fan is optimized for the Macho Direct. With an idle speed of 300 rpm with 16.9 cfm and a top speed of 1,300 rpm with 73.6 cfm, the fan moves lots of air and runs exceptionally quiet, even at higher speeds. The TY-140 Black uses our proven low-wear “Enhanced Hyper-Flow Bearing”.

This proven design combines the features of conventional 120 mm fan mounting points with the larger fan diameter of conventional 140 mm fans. The fan is fitted securely to the heatsink with the included, revised fan brackets with specially designed anti-vibration pads to give unsurpassed performance.

The universal mounting kit included with the Macho Direct supports all current Intel- and AMD sockets (Intel LGA1156/1155/2011/1150/2011-3/1151 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/FM1/FM2/FM2+).

Also included in the package is our popular Thermalright magnetic tip Screwdriver and our excellent Thermalright Chill Factor thermal paste.

Please read and closely follow the instructions in the manual on how to apply the thermal paste. The Thermalright show innovation again with release of its first HDT cooler, Macho Direct. usual “pea” method does not work with our HDT base design.


早在2005年HR系列開始,並繼續演變成Macho系列散熱器,現在Thermalright推出Macho Direct HDT(熱管直觸)CPU散熱器。隨著Macho Direct,我們採取了著名的HR-02 /設計Macho至全新水平,為價格敏感用戶設計最好的冷卻功能。優化沉默冷卻器提供出色的散熱性能,使用TY-140黑色風扇(久經考驗風扇系列TY-140)並提供了以極具吸引力的價格。


Macho Direct利用熱管直觸的原理。 5支6毫米高性能熱管將熱量從處理器有效散熱。熱管底部運用我們被認證的凸面設計。專利凸形狀在熱管的接觸面與熱管設置略低於冷卻器底座相結合提供Macho Direct具有出色的散熱性能。

HDT熱管設置較低意味著Macho Direct的高度比其他Macho短4mm。Macho Direct可以裝配到很多機箱,“正常”Macho高度太高。


TY-140黑色(PWM)風扇可以優化Macho Direct。隨著怠轉速300RPM達到氣流16.9 CFM,最高轉速1300RPM達到氣流73.6 CFM,即使在更高轉速,運行非常安靜提供大量氣流。TY-140黑色採用我們被認證低磨損“增強型的Hyper-流動軸承”。


通/萬用扣具套件支援Macho Direct包括目前所有的英特爾和AMD插座(英特爾LGA1156/1155/2011/1150/2011-3/1151 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/FM1/FM2/FM2+)..

散熱器包裝包含最受歡迎的Thermalright磁性螺絲起子和卓越的Thermalrightc Chill Factor散熱膏。

請閱讀說明書並密切關注如何應用導熱膏的說明。Thermalright第一個HDT冷卻器Macho Direct再次引領創新,通常“pea”的方法不符合我們的HDT底座設計工作。


早在2005年HR系列开始,并继续演变成Macho系列散热器,现在Thermalright推出Macho Direct HDT(热管直触)CPU散热器。随着Macho Direct,我们采取了著名的HR-02 /设计Macho至全新水平,为价格敏感用户设计最好的冷却功能。优化沉默冷却器提供出色的散热性能,使用TY-140黑色风扇(久经考验风扇系列TY-140)并提供了以极具吸引力的价格。


Macho Direct利用热管直触的原理。 5支6毫米高性能热管将热量从处理器有效散热。热管底部运用我们被认证的凸面设计。专利凸形状在热管的接触面与热管设置略低于冷却器底座相结合提供Macho Direct具有出色的散热性能。

HDT热管设置较低意味着Macho Direct的高度比其他Macho短4mm。Macho Direct可以装配到很多机箱,“正常”Macho高度太高。


TY-140黑色(PWM)风扇可以优化Macho Direct。随着怠转速300RPM达到气流16.9 CFM,最高转速1300RPM达到气流73.6 CFM,即使在更高转速,运行非常安静提供大量气流。TY-140黑色采用我们被认证低磨损“增强型的Hyper-流动轴承”。


通/万用扣具套件支持Macho Direct包括目前所有的英特尔和AMD插座(英特尔LGA1156/1155/2011/1150/2011-3/1151 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3/FM1/FM2/FM2+)..

散热器包装包含最受欢迎的Thermalright磁性螺丝起子和卓越的Thermalrightc Chill Factor散热膏。

请阅读说明书并密切关注如何应用导热膏的说明。Thermalright第一个HDT冷却器Macho Direct再次引领创新,通常“pea”的方法不符合我们的HDT底座设计工作。

[:en]Thermalright added top of the line semi-passive heat-sink, Le GRAND MACHO.[:tw]Thermalright推出極品半被動散熱器LE GRAND MACHO[:cn]Thermalright推出极品半被动散热器LE GRAND MACHO


Thermalright added top of the line semi-passive heat-sink, Le GRAND MACHO.

Thermalright long a major player in the CPU cooling market have always been intrigued with the idea of semi-passive and even passive cooling in a computer. After our previous presentation of using a fan duct along with our Macho heatsinks, Thermalright yet another approach by making a slightly larger Macho that will cool your computers without a fan or even the necessity of a fan duct.

To clear any doubts of compatibility issues with gigantic heatsinks in general, we have prepared photos showing LGM will clear VGA card as well as tall memory modules.

As average end users who care about the capability to be able to replace stock heatsinks (Intel TSA15), we have also prepared test data to show, when the rear system fan is on, LGM without a fan performs as good as a TSA with its 2500rpm fan in full speed, and this in on a hot 6700K 1151 processor!

In short, LGM is good for average users who prefer a quiet operating environment, 24/7, especially those of you who are not happy with the noise of their computer at home, dorm room, or in an office, it’s never too late to switch to Thermalright’s new LGM, as it is also, backward compatible to earlier Intel or AMD platforms such as Intel 1155/1155/1366/2011 or AMD AM2/AM3.

For aggressive friends, who may do a little overclocking and want to include a fan later on, you can add our TY-147A fan which is also available in retail or any 120mm fan. Our performance tests show the LGM with fan is only 2C shy of our Silver Arrow model. Not too shabby at all, considering the Silver Arrow is still leading the twin tower cooler market since its introduction in 2009!




一般來說消費者最在意的是能夠更換取代的散熱器(英特爾TSA15),我們測試數據顯示,在6700K 1151處理器,LGM沒有風扇運轉與TSA系統有風扇在全速2500rpm運轉一樣好!

總之,LGM是適合喜歡安靜運轉環境的每一位消費者,24/7,尤其是那些不喜歡自己的電腦在家,宿舍,或在辦公室有噪音,永遠不會太晚切換到Thermalright全新LGM,因為它可以兼容,早期Intel或AMD平台,如英特爾1155/1155/1366/2011或AMD AM2/ AM3。

對於追求完美的朋友,誰可以做小巧超頻的散熱器並希望加上風扇,Thermalright可以做到。您可以加入我們的TY-147A風扇,我們有零售或任何我們120mm風扇。性能測試表顯示帶風扇的LGM與我們的Silver Arrow只差2C。不可否定的,Silver Arrow自2009年推出依然領先雙塔散熱器市場![:cn]



一般来说消费者最在意的是能够更换取代的散热器(英特尔TSA15),我们测试数据显示,在6700K 1151处理器,LGM没有风扇运转与TSA系统有风扇在全速2500rpm运转一样好!

总之,LGM是适合喜欢安静运转环境的每一位消费者,24/7,尤其是那些不喜欢自己的计算机在家,宿舍,或在办公室有噪音,永远不会太晚切换到Thermalright全新LGM,因为它可以兼容,早期Intel或AMD平台,如英特尔1155/1155/1366/2011或AMD AM2/ AM3。

对于追求完美的朋友,谁可以做小巧超频的散热器并希望加上风扇,Thermalright可以做到。您可以加入我们的TY-147A风扇,我们有零售或任何我们120mm风扇。性能测试表显示带风扇的LGM与我们的Silver Arrow只差2C。不可否定的,Silver Arrow自2009年推出依然领先双塔散热器市场!

[:en]The Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX-R has been certified by Asus ROG and was partnered with Asus at the recent Computex exhibition.[:tw]Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX-R 榮獲 Asus ROG 認證並在近期 Computex 展正式成為官方合作夥伴.[:cn]Thermalright Silver Arrow ITX-R 荣获 Asus ROG 认证并在近期 Computex 展正式成为官方合作伙伴.

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[:en]Both Macho Zero and Macho Rev. B awarded SmartBuy 2014 by tom’s Hardware.[:tw]Macho Zero and Macho Rev. B 同步獲得2014 tom’s Hardware SmartBuy 大獎.[:cn]Macho Zero and Macho Rev. B 同步获得2014 tom’s Hardware SmartBuy 大奖.

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